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Three generations dedicated to improving quality, production and profitability.

Rooted in three generations of farming tradition, Champion Seed Company is a family owned business that has made trusting personal connections with the farmers we serve.

Around the early 1940's, three Marshburn Brothers ventured into a small produce distribution company. In 1942 they expanded their capabilities with the purchase of 40 acres, planted their first crops, and Marshburn Brothers was official formed. In 1953, with 250 employees and growing operations totaling 600 acres in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernadino counties, they consolidated to a new operations center in Norwalk, California, and officially changed their name to Marshburn Farms.

Marshburn Farms enjoyed 35 prosperous years in the farming industry. By 1975, with the company in the hands of the next generation, the business had grown to farmlands totaling 12,000 acres and employed 900 employees.

In 1976 this successful company was sold, and Don and Richard Marshburn transitioned into a new family venture by acquiring Champion Seed Company. Today, with the company in the hands of the third generation of Marshburns, the family business is continuing to thrive.

Champion Seed Company is the trusted provider of full-line quality vegetable seed for commercial growers. Champion and each of its dedicated employees devote great care to new product development and to a continual expansion of variety trials. A watchful eye is constantly kept on the industry’s fluctuations, trends, and new developments to ensure that the finest quality seeds are delivered.