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Champion represents the finest seed producers, worldwide.

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Our Producers:

Alf Christianson Seed Co.

American Takii, Inc.

Bejo Seeds, Inc.

BHN Seed

Condor Seed Production, Inc.

Crookham Company

DP Seeds, LLC

Emerald Seed Company

Erma Zaden

Germains Seed Technology

Golden Valley Seed

Hollar Seeds

Hybrid Seed Company New Zealand Ltd.

Hazera Seeds USA Inc.


Kamterter, LLC

Lark Seeds International

Nunhems USA, Inc.

Orsetti Seed Company, Inc.

Pure Line Seeds, Inc.

Rijk Zwaan USA, Inc.

Sakata Seed America

Seed Dynamics, Inc.

Seeds By Design, Inc.


Skagit Seed Services

Synergene Seed & Technology, Inc.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. / Rogers Brand

Tokita Seed Company

Tozer Seeds America

United Gentics Seeds Co.

US Agriseeds

Vilmorin Inc.

Zeraim Gadera - North America

Important Industry Links:

NOA-National Onion Association

NWA-National Watermelon Association

PMA-Produce Marketing Association

Produce for Better Health Foundation

USDA-United States Department of Agriculture

WGA-Western Growers Association